Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The good & the bad:

its Wednesday--

the good: yoga night, weigh in day, hump day, I have laundry started (trying to get back on M,W,F schedule), breakfast is easy-homemade banana wheat muffins+applesauce+milk, one family pays cash today-who doesn't like getting cash mid-week??, we walked around East Lake for an hour looking for mushrooms last night-still empty handed but he brought home a bowl full they found @ work, 16 days till Memorial weekend!!!!!!!, doing the DM Farmer's Market again this week NO.Matter.What.or.Who.with :), I got everything on my to-do list STARTED yesterday, now to finish it today (hopefully)

the bad: weigh in day (up 2 from Saturday) but still in the yo-yo of 4# so no whining!, only hump day, I hit snooze too many times, I am tired, I was grouchy w/Tim first thing, its sprinkling out=grass to be tracked in after playing out, I only got 3 fv,1 dairy & 80oz yday, I didn't work out @ all!!**, I am ready for a long weekend (Memorial weekend), I haven't fully decided on Mother's Day gifts this yr-probably grab hanging baskets @ the Farmer's Market Saturday, the sprinkly weather makes me wanna wrap up in a blankie & read (Debbie Macomber-Twenty Wishes-a Blossom Street book),

**@ the Sisterhood the rest are done w/the 30 day shred & are starting it over on Monday. So being the slacker that I am & not even making it to level 3, I am taking the rest of the week (starting yday) off of it until Monday then giving it my all to go full bore w/the sisters (&brothers)!! I might walk on the treadmill during my shows tonight after yoga-I usually do, & sometimes on thursdays during Grey's too, so not TOTALLY loafing it JUST not Jillian-ing at all :)

ok taking my crabby butt to the kitchen to make myself a fried egg white (the last egg in the house) & get the kids' breakfast around. hoping the sun comes out & we get another warm day! & if not I am letting the kids GO CRAZY inside while I finish up that to-do list -they like that LOL
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