Wednesday, May 20, 2009


THAT MEANS: yoga, 1 more work day for me, its Tim's Friday, the last day of all 3 preschool classes!!, time to go thru the camping supplies (Tim) & get clothes packed (me), realize/admit I am taking this week off from working out ugh, make to do list for next week, weigh in(the bloat is gone YAY), maybe do several sets of toe nails this morning!! :)

yesterday's migraine almost killed me... I didn't eat much (string cheese(midmorning), 1/2 chocolate chip cookie(early afternoon), popcorn(late afternoon), steak+corn nuggets (or supper)) all day & had too much medicine floating thru the system but finally got it down to a soreness than a throbber. YAY!! today I feel much better.. even have my appetite back!

hoping to hit the water & veggies today! then after yoga might even walk on the treadmill some. atleast I have 2 weeks until I HAVE to be seen in a suit! dreading even putting shorts on this weekend -oh well.

enough rambling!
have a GREAT sunshiney HUMP DAY!!
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