Tuesday, May 19, 2009

just the facts

  • I didn't shred last night
  • walked w/Tim around our county park lake 2x instead
  • woke w/headache this morning
  • hoping to get in to chiro Friday AM b4 we hit the road
  • swore this long weekend will be drama free :)
  • not going to let anyone suck me in to their drama
  • fussy teething baby I think could be better medicated but I am not the parent
  • breakfast is served & cleaned up
  • continuing laundry from yday
  • going outside soon
  • wish I could go back to bed
  • drank 80oz, ate 3f/v, 3 dairy yday
  • thinking about what I want added to our living space b4 our first visitors come in July
  • we will be back to working on the bathroom next week
  • living the 'what will be will be' motto ROCKS-trying to spread it around is not so easy
  • 2 more days of preschool=2 more days of rigid daily schedules
  • 5 more days of school=5 more school days till A NEW SCHEDULE
  • I am ready for summer vacation
  • I am ready for more outside time
  • I am ready for more daily walks
  • we are stocked up on rubber kick balls & chalk
  • we just need child size lawn chairs, sand & hula hoops now
  • oh & a picnic table or 3 in child size & one in adult-Tim hates the idea b/c that would be more to mow around

2nd setting on this post.
off we go.......

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