Thursday, May 21, 2009


Thank goodness its MY Friday! :)

lake prep list:
  • truck cleaned out (cab & box) CHECK
  • totes, picnic basket gone thru CHECK
  • bags packed
  • laundry done
  • boat cleaned (inside & out) CHECK
  • grocery list made CHECK
  • firewood loaded

tomorrow we will:
*load truck
*get groceries

other things I like to do b4 we leave for a long weekend:
*wash & remake bedding
*take garbage + recycling out
*sweep floors
*run dishwashers
*bleach toilets
*change the cat litter
*unload photos from camera
*water plants

I had the CUTEST checklist w/photos post in mind but didnt' get them all taken so its a wash... maybe another time :) but I did get to paint 6 sets of feet & 4 sets of hands yday out in the yard on a blanket. FUN! we had a picnic for lunch out there too! TONS of outside time YAHOOOOO! SO HAPPY SUMMER IS HERE! yoga last night was fabulous!! B&S & I went to Janes for a drink after. YAY! I had my first good Sex on the Beach YAY Jane :)

the shrinking challenge @ the sisterhood is over :( so sad to report I only saw a 2# loss the whole 2 months! yuck! I yo yo extremely bad. what can I do? I am inconsistant as he$$ & until I figure out some consistance I am probably going to look like this. So I am just accepting part of it (kicking the anorexic girl in the gut again;)) & focusing on the eating healthy-as long as I keep a V8 in the fridge I am sure to be able to get all 5f/v in! love grabbing a glass of juice & calling it 2 servings (or 4 if I get a big glass) I cannot believe how badly I have slipped on the water. I am just not getting the full 3 bottles in & I was doing it daily for so long I have no idea what's different. exercise -what exercise? I am over it for a while. maybe when I come back from the lake I'll have a renewed sence of energy toward it. Can't wait to see what the Sisterhood has in store for the next challenge!! :) they rock!!

I have been shooting in manual for 2 whole days this week!! its been an experience & Iam loving it. can't wait to be good enough to shoot in it all the time! I will share some photos later this afternoon (mostly kid pix-be warned)

all right so there you have the good, the bad & the ugly, the lists of what to do, what's done, & what won't make it :)

off to tackle the wish list
have a great day!!

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