Wednesday, May 27, 2009

back in the swing!

I love Memorial weekend! its like a refresher to get me all ready for summer vacation w/the kids. school is usually out the week right after & then the FUN BEGINS! :) this summer looks like our numbers will max out @ 13. that's a good group! I am so excited!! I have already had one helper contact me to set up a schedule YEHAW!! the preschools were done last week & today is the last day of school! Ilove a change in routine sometimes. this is one of those times! by August I will be ready for the change again & send them all back to school :)

some good things about summer vacation are:
  • more kids to play with
  • the bigs -no matter their age-get to be the BIGs & help when they want
  • the littles idolize the bigs & this gives them a chance to play together
  • we get out of here: we walk in the water on the side of the street, go to the parks & play, go to the library, have a zillion picnics both in the backyard & @ parks, MAYBE the bigs will get to go to the pool w/a helper, oh the possibilities!!!
  • tons of outside time!!! usually 4 hrs in the morning & 2 in the afternoon!
  • the helper gets a chance to be in charge, cook, explore herself in an incharge situation, nurish her patience level, learn so much about herself & kids @ the same time, earn some money
  • I get time to clean up, plan for/focus on a project/age group, think, breathe & observe

I do love me some sunshine! :) today is not so conducive to the sunshine soaking ... dreary & grey again *sigh* so far they are entertaining each other & still recovering from the long weekend.

I am soooo excited for this Saturday's opening day of the Osceola Farmer's Market!!! YAY!!!!!! I have plans @9, but you can BET I am hitting the farmer's market b4 I go!! then I am going to a crop ALL DAY LONG!!! 9AM-midnight!! WOW wonder how long I'll last :) I am planning to finish working on Stacia's photos & finishing the summer 08 photos I have -shoot I just realized I should have been a bit more organized & ordered some more photos!! dangit. ah well. I have a super sorter box full of photos!!

Yesterday was a lovely day. well, gloomy but slow & easy w/only 6 kids :) I was able to complete our laundry from the weekend as well as keep up on the cooking/cleaning up of meals! then Tim had to work late so I made some killer homemade sloppy joes & potato wedges then went to the store & stocked up on produce! cantalope, grapes, pears, peaches, strawberries, peppers, carrots, onions, brocoli, oh my! I even shredded! I got 96oz, 5f/v, & 4 dairy.

caffeine free & kickin' it :)

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