Saturday, April 18, 2009


A Saturday post? I KNOW! but I just had to report some great news :)

I am down another pound this morning & that's even during a bloat week WHOHOOOOOOOOO
after that great news I hit the ground running! we made a trip to the redemption center, the recycling dumpster & when I went out later in the day, I took a couple of bags to CROSS Ministries for donation! it feels SOOOOOOOOOOO good to get the clutter OUT!!!! :)

then we came back & separated -sometimes we work best that way! he went to the bedroom & I did the kitchen. He stripped the bedding, reorganized the closet, picked up, vac'd & shampoo'd the carpet in there & continued to do the hallway carpet!!! I reorganized all the cupboards & drawers (we only have 2 drawers & one less cupboard now that we have a d/w), swept & scrubbed the floor. LOVE IT ALL SO CLEAN!!!!!!

I also worked in an eyebrow rescue ;), 3 more trips to the van for CROSS, a Shred & laundry thru out the day & he also did a local plumbing job. pretty busy day around here!

Tomorrow I hope to vac the dining & living rooms & maybe shampoo the dining room, along w/some major bumming around!!! maybe some Geocaching .. we are itching to get back out there!!

hope everyone's having a great weekend!!
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