Monday, April 20, 2009

& the rest of the weekend

was great. great times. great friends. great sunshine. great plans made. great chill-axin!! YAY!!

this week is going to be a short one as I have Friday off for dr. appts. I start the day in DM, then have lunch w/Donna & do some shopping for ME, then home to potty dog & hit the local dr for some mole removals. ugh. fun sandwiched between some not so much fun. but sometimes we just gotta do it.

my last full week w/Nat & last week for my family of 3. its all good :) much better for everyone.

ACCOUNTABILITY: I shredded both S&S! I got 80oz both days, 5f/v @least both days, no treadmill time w/all the cleaning & activities but that's ok. loved how different the jeans went on yday & today :D

APPRECIATE: I appreciate our friends. I appreciate our plans w/said friends. I appreciate the sunshine!

off & running!!!
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