Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My name in lights :)

or as close as I get :)

A little bkgd on the donation. My aunt sold this stuff for a while & had some inventory left & recommended it when the shred was killing me the first few days so I got my lotion out & OMG!!! amazing!! I decided to get a gift set to donate. it includes: bath salts, bath gel, lotion, massage oil, hydrating mist & a massager thingy. I have only used bath salts, lots & lots of bath salts (I have a big ole bottle) & am currently living on & loving lotion. The lotion I am applying right after showering right after shredding & sometimes first thing in the morning FABULOUS!!!

ACCOUNTABILITY: yesterday I did iffy on the water.. only 64oz but shredded(day 9of12) even tho it could have been SOOOOOO EASY to skip. i also got my 5f/v in!

APPRECIATE: I appreciate the short week-I am tired today. I appreciate the sunshine beaming thru the windows already!! I appreciate that the kids were good on pb sandwich & banana w/their milk for breakfast today!! :)

right now I am working on my detox tea for some boost but so far.. its... not...working.. :( I am still feeling like a nap would work best *sigh* maybe I can find some filing or other paperwork to do today :)

off. we. go.
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