Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I THINK we'll plant some seeds inside today for Earth Day. we had a visitor planned to bring babychicks but due to circumstances beyond her control (LOL that's so important sounding isn't it??) she is needing to reschedule until next week. NO PROBLEM!! :) LOVE being so flexible!!

ACCOUNTABILITY: yesterday I got my 96oz in but only 4 fv (I just wasn't really hungry at all). then I shredded day 10 level 1! & previewed level 2. it just might kill me LOL I am torn between excited to try it & scared to hurt after.

APPRECIATE: I appreciate Tim for taking initiative & learning how to cook :) I appreciate the girls @ the Sisterhood for being so stinking supportive & running a great site!! I appreciate the honesty I have w/my child care families.

yesterday was way more productive than I had anticipated w/my tired level. I baked 100% whole wheat in the breadmachine, put together an over night breakfast bar (baking it now) & put it in the fridge to set, & caught up some paperwork and filing :) along w/the daily diapers, laundry & meal fixing/serving/cleaning up after. Love the surprise productivity!!

Weigh in Wednesday.. I am up 2 from Saturday :( A bummer but not putting much stock in it .. will be weighed 2x on Friday @ the dr offices & then again on Saturday so getting plenty of scale time this week LOL I can handle this end of the yo-yo either way!! :)

sitting #3 to finally finish this post! Now breakfast is beeping :)
Have a great Earth Day!! what are you doing to celebrate?
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