Thursday, April 23, 2009

Its My Friday

as I have dr appts tomorrow (I always schedule atleast 2 appts to the same day to make the most of taking a day off) tomorrow I have my pap in the morning followed by some ME shopping :) then I am getting to have lunch w/my friend Donna! YAY!!! she still hasn't told me where we are going. FUN!! then I am coming home to potty Gus then to have some moles removed here in town. By the time I am out of there Tim should be off work & we'll be waiting to take Mom & Eli out to supper for his birthday that was Tuesday. More FUN! Our weekend is a giantic to do list! so here's hoping my recovery is easy!!

APPRECIATE: I appreciate the neighbor that called b/c she had heard of an old/new play set going up in a friend's neighborhood. I appreciate sunshine we got yesterday & are expecting today. I appreciate the awesome temps last night that allowed us to sleep w/the windows open :D

ACCOUNTABILITY: yesterday was sort of an adjustment into 'summer' schedule for me. we walked for an hour in the morning & had yoga class in the evening. after the energy rush from the possible playset siting (& it not being ours) I came home to do 2.25 miles on the treadmill in 45 minutes. I got 96oz & 6fv in yesterday :) I need to eat more.. I am just not hungry but I know I won't shrink w/o some fuel for the body. I think when it calms down here I'll fry up & season the heck out of some egg whites.

today will have lots of outside time but we will just be hanging out in the yard this time. :) I'd like to have some time where I can sit in the sun & read *sigh* a girl can dream :)
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