Friday, April 24, 2009

quite the day :)

  • quite productive errand-wise :)
  • annual pap done- suggestions on fighting PMDD, vitamins, & his opinion on Honey Creek
  • bummer on shoe shopping.. dumb store policy
  • vs credit card :D shopping spree hehe
  • lunch w/Donna -AWESOME!!
  • 4 moles removed -the numbing shots were the worst of it, one is sore from location
  • goodie pkg mailed to sisterhood winner
  • new tub checked out, hose broken, will fix by next weekend
  • out to supper w/Mom &Eli for their birthdays, Margaritas w/Mom :)
  • home to nap
  • while I was gone, Tim gutted the area around the tub, took the tub out, decided we'd replace insulation while its exposed & a piece of floor that's been wet
  • no photos of anything today
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