Saturday, April 25, 2009

just a super quick

accountability post.
yesterday -my day off of running round included 64oz of water, 20 of iced tea @lunch, one pc of thin hawaiian pizza & 2garlic cheese bread, a pepperoni rollup for lunch w/Donna.. FUN!!!!!! amazing we ate anything as fast as we were talking to catch up LOL then I only ate a tiny bit of chips & caso, small portion of my chicken chimi but all of my lettuce w/pica de gallo & margarita, 1/2 glass of water for supper. no starbucks like usual on this dm trip, no coffee @ all.... pretty proud of that factor.. :) even went to the bar LATE for a lil while & only had a sip or 2 of water!

I was rewarded for it all today... down 2 this morning from yesterday.. back under the bottom of the yoyo YAY!!!!!!! soooooooooo exciting!! makes me wanna go for a walk.. if I get up the courage to shower over these fresh wounds (from the molectomy yday) I just might head out. :)

have a great weekend!!!
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