Monday, April 27, 2009

on a drizzly morning

I'd much rather be sleeping!! but I am up & running ... I didn't get to log in first thing today as I had to clean out & run the d/w Since Tim worked on it yesterday, then I had to clean up the pieces of the cast iron tub that fell thru the hole (the pieces fell thru not the whole tub LOL) in the floor when he was breaking it up to remove it. by that time it was breakfast time & then clean up, then I may as well start laundry & get the kids off to school. then 3 diapers to change, laundry ready to flip & the d/w done & ready to be reloaded. nice busy morning so far.

so right now I have an itty bitty napping, 4 of various ages, playing around the room, washer, dryer & dishwasher running. timing the sump pump to see how often its running & thinking about how lovely it would be to wrap up in a blanket & read for an hour or 2 :)

ACCOUNTABILITY: yesterday I only drank 32oz of water!! but I got 8 fv servings :) AND I shredded day 2 of 4 of level 2.

APPRECIATE: I appreciate that Tim did some demo work on Friday since his sister was in the hospital & he ws off incase his mom needed a ride up. he got alot done! the tub into pieces, & out, the sheetrock off the walls around the tub & out, flooring loosened, arrangements made to get new tub, etc. I appreciate that my finger doesn't look anyworse than it does for having a power drill jammed into it yesterday (I did it but omg did it hurt!! luckily I had gloves on). I appreciate the lighter load of kids today since its so gloomy out so far.

we drove around the lake Saturday :) so excited now for Memorial weekend!! the cabins are a ways from the lake & our favorite ramp but I am told I'll do fine where ever we launch/load so I guess I am along for the ride. I am ready for a weekend away. as evenings & weekends until then will be bathroom remodel heavy! thankful for my weekly Yoga class to escape.. even for an hour :)

there's the laundry.. off & running :)
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