Tuesday, April 28, 2009

True Confessions Tuesday

the girls @ the Sisterhood do theirs on Monday but I am not that organized so I tend to do it later in the week :)

anyway- here's mine:
  • the sun is shining & I LOVE IT!!
  • I shredded day 3 of 5 level 2 last night
  • even tho I would have rather stayed wrapped in the blanket napping in Tim's recliner
  • I had 6 fv in by lunchtime!
  • I drank 80oz yesterday
  • my earliest child this morning was to be an hour later than normal.
  • did I get up @ normal time & have some me time??
  • NOPE! I slept in :) & loved it
  • Tim removed all the popcorn ceiling in the bathroom last night in 2 sessions. he rocks!
  • I don't think it was the real popcorn ceiling -probably a cheap immitation :)
  • I need to take photos of our gutted bathroom
  • I want to be below my yoyo low tomorrow
  • my yoga pants are getting baggier
  • this week, 12 yrs ago I was a NIGHTMARE to deal w/!
  • our anniversary is this weekend.
  • I need to get more use out of the treadmill
  • but atleast Tim uses it when I don't
  • I think I will use it more after the shred challenge @ the sisterhood
  • had to turn the furnace back on this morning.. 61 was a bit chilly for April in Iowa
  • my home made, wheat, potatoe bread from yesterday is SO GOOD!!! :)

ok I think that's good for now :)

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