Wednesday, April 29, 2009


another list day:

  • bathroom walls & ceilings mudded & medicine cabinet 'hole' filled & mudded-an hour
  • then I crashed on the couch to 'read' but ended up napping for 1.5 hr!! ugh!
  • NO shred
  • NO treadmill
  • BAD KIM!!
  • I am looking into something in the afternoon for a healthy evening energy boost
  • I am taking the easy way out today & Making Suntea but I don't want to rely on caffeine every day again
  • I have now mastered (for the time being) the 5f/v servings everyday
  • the water has dropped from 96 to 80 oz consistantly
  • now I am adding 3 dairy servings to my daily diet!
  • I can't believe how good I feel mentally about finally worrying about what goes in my body
  • that anorexic thinking girl is OUT THE DOOR -she would never have allowed all this food
  • I am happy to see her go-NEVER thought I'd say that!
  • yoga tonight!!!!!!!
  • boring post but keeping it real
  • breakfast time.. see ya!
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