Thursday, April 30, 2009

another dreary day

here in my world.. its foggy out. no sun. dreary.ugh. so a list it is:

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: yesterday I did get 96oz, way over 5in5 (I quit counting @8 & Know I had more after that), & ALL 3 DAIRY! then I had an hour yoga class (quite a work out unfortunately I was struggling w/down dog from some of the shred level2 moves making my shoulders/neck a bit sore) & then I walked on the treadmill for 3o minutes :) I have already had 2 fruit servings today!! I started the day w/1 cup of cantalope YUMMMM
  • APPRECIATE: I appreciate that we've eaten leftovers for 3 nights so there's been NO COOKING required :) its been nice for both of us. I appreciate Tim's drive on getting the bathroom done. I appreciate that I have a room for my scrapping! (spent some time in it again last night!!)
  • BLOGGING=therapy: I have a HUGE post about my anorexic past typed up & stored. I am not sure if I'll ever get brave enough to post it. but its there, it felt good to get it out.
  • WEEKEND: I am looking fwd to the weekend. We have reservations(his idea) for dinner @ the Knotty Pine (a favorite of mine) on Saturday night :) that's after a day of tile shopping (for the bathroom)
  • Tim has to work late tonight so I may just surprise him w/chili. he was going to make it but decided not to b/c of working late. I think its the least I can do.
  • BATHROOM update: while I was @ yoga he sanded all the previously mudded spots & added another layer where needed. When I got home I sanded the glue from the tiles they had around the sink/counter & then he mudded that area too. I. DISPISE. SANDING. YUCK.
  • today will be laying low babying this ache in my side-I am a wuss. maybe cleaning off my desk & filing :) that sounds good.
  • the kids are content to play monsters, then they'll do yoga :)
  • ok.. the breakfast dishes need taken care of & I have 4 diapers to tend to.. off I go...
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