Friday, May 1, 2009

a reminiscint post

ahhhh 12 years ago today(Friday, May 2nd) I was off work but FREAKING OUT. we were putting things together finally finalizing the plans, decorations, food, ahhhhhhhhh I wish I had been more calm & enjoying it all instead of waiting for something to go wrong :(

tonight (Friday May 2nd)we had most of our wedding party over after rehearsal-I don't even remember if we had a rehearsal dinner... I must not have eaten LOL .. makes me want to find a vcr that works & watch our wedding tape!

tomorrow (Saturday, May 3rd) I was up & running by 7. making sure the house was ready for us to leave it unattended for a week, we were packed & ready to fly out for a week, all the wedding plans were in place. WOW con.trol.freak. eeeeeek. I was gone by 9 to help decorate the country club for the reception, then meet the girls @ the church to get ready. totally relaxed there. My family rocked the reception details for me :) photos started @3 & the ceremony started @6. I remember realizing we didn't have rose petals for the flower girl to drop so Jeff was out picking violets from the church yard :) HE ROCKED!! Seth had rocked the photos but had a melt down an hour b4 the ceremony EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK I was freakin' now I would have laughed it off. tim cried when presenting his mom w/a white rose in honor of his father then sniffled thru the ceremony -very touching. the attendants had issues relighting the candleabra since we had lit them the night b4. I tried to put his ring on his right hand. I forgot to get my bouquet back b4 we walked out. the bubbles outside were AMAZING!!!! perfectly dreamy :) then we got in the car & & lowered the top.. balloons!!! (I don't know how they got there, I know I didn't do it but remember wanting them) they floated out again.. dreamy!! Tim's brother Todd had wired the brake pedal to a police siren... NIIIIIIIIIICE .. tim enjoyed it after he figured it out :) out & around the loop we scooped then hit the country club where everyone was waiting. GOOD FOOD ALL NIGHT LONG! I told ya my family rocked it!!! we had veggies, salads, & sandwiches out all night long :) so many compliments on that. the band was great!! the chilling out w/friends & family was awesome. we helped clean up then went home to go to bed. we couldn't sleep so we just opened gifts & put it all in a pile to go thru in a slow detailed way when we got back.

Sunday May 4th, we picked his family up(they were seeing us off) b4 5am & off we were to the airport. flew out for Florida. the only thing I will say about my packing-I've learned how to minimize :)

so to celebrate we have reservations @ the Knotty Pine for Saturday night. YAY!! its under new ownership & I am dying to try it. hoping for some photos!! :)

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