Friday, April 17, 2009


what a week! I know I say that alot but this was a doozy! if you've been bored enough to read along you already know :) I am just so looking fwd to a weekend w/o plans or obligations!!! hoping to put a serious dent in our to-do list! & get this house back to looking like people live here instead of stop & drop here! :)

ACCOUNTABILITY: yesterday/Thursday I got 80oz, 5 fv, kids yoga in the AM & shredded for day 6of8 :) hoping to not miss anymore for a while! I will weigh in tomorrow.

Shred report: it was alot easier last night than past nights!! even have taking a nap first shhhhh pretend you didn't just read that OK? thanks :) my arms & back are just a little sore today & my left calf is unhappy when it has to work but it will get over it I am sure LOL I was undecided whta to call my day 10 as they recommend changing to level 2 on day 11.. do I switch on day11 of starting it or day 11 of Doing it? I think since I am already so behind the others @ the sisterhood, I'll just keep diligent & switch over on day 11 of doing it so if all stays as is then it will be day 11 of 13 for me & I am good w/that :)

APPRECIATE: I appreciate this coming weekend of quiet, cleaning, & unplans :) I appreciate the parents that called to let me know they weren't coming today=quiet day. some how there is a bug going around that isn't happening here (2 families of 2 each are out w/one sickie) :( I appreciate the past days of nice enough temps to get outside & soak up some sun!!

I see the sky getting bright to the east & hear Natalye in the kitchen so I better get to fixing something for breakfast :) I hope everyone has a GREAT WEEKEND!!!
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