Thursday, April 16, 2009

True Confessions-Thursday :)

I feel like I don't have anything to say today so here goes:
  • I skipped the shred last night due to the strenuous yoga class
  • instead I lounged on the couch for an hour then showered & went to bed to read
  • I was asleep shortly after 9!
  • Gus is back to only getting up 1x in the middle of the night :)
  • I am looving the spring temps!!!
  • my daffodils are blooming but I learned I nee dto clump them as they are much prettier together. do they spread themselves??
  • my hyacinths are also budded!!!
  • both of my itty bitties are napping
  • I am not worried about filling my spots
  • I made some income decisions yesterday (no more multi-child discount- simple & effective)
  • & enforced it for the first time last night -filling a spot for fall + a school ager part time :)
  • I enjoyed catching up w/another provider friend on the phone yesterday
  • she gave me the confidence to make said decision
  • I should be doing yoga w/the kids right now but we have a potty training line happening instead
  • this is such a fun, manageable group :)
  • I am not quite ready for summer vacation
  • I am ready for Memorial weekend camping!!!! hoping it will NOT be as rainy & frigid as 08
  • ok 3rd shot @ getting this finished.
  • Accountabilility: I got my 96oz in, 5fv, & one hour of yoga yesterday
  • Appreciate: I appreciate that I could & did go to bed early. I appreciate YOGA class! I appreciate the smaller group I will have even if for only a month.
  • NOW they wanna go yoga. here we go!! :)

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