Wednesday, April 15, 2009

oh my ....

ok, first some play center photos:
they took this plastic wall,this rock wall & the beams that connected them

here's the whole thing a few yrs ago :)

here's what we saw when we got there. & this is how we left it(actually we pushed the othe tower over first)

In other happenings, I am so glad its Wednesday!!! its:

  • middle of the week
  • yoga night
  • back to school :)

No one can say I am not giving my all on this shrinking quest!! Yesterday I:

  • did kids yoga w/the kids=doing the pose w/the teacher, helping each child do each of the 12 poses, doing the stretching after-definatly worked up a sweat + got all stretched out
  • tore down play center w/Tim for 1.5 hr=running screw gun, ratchet, bending, lifting &climbing
  • day 5of6 SHRED :) added 3# weights for part of it!
  • walked @ 2.5 clip for 25 minutes
    OMG I AM TIRED!!!!! TODAY!!!!

APPRECIATE: I appreciate Tim for working harder than me on the playcenter. I appreciate the orders I got that made my Signature party a success! (yup it came yesterday & it was like Christmas unpacking it all LOL) I appreciate the good nights sleep I got last night :D I appreciate the nice warmer temps!!!

ACCOUNTABILITY: 96+oz, 5fv, lots of movement! Tim is really working hard on the treadmill every night too... he's showing a 3# loss 2 ams in a row.. the puke!! lol

still handwashing dishes down stairs, still thinking we can make it w/o filling BOTH spots, still looking fwd to them going back to school today!! :)


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