Tuesday, April 14, 2009

when it rains...

it pours.. this time I am not talking about the weather! its my job. yesterday was very trying w/the school boys. oye! I wanted to do something drastic.. it was a CRAZY day filled w/CRAZY things: 2 broken dishwashers, people stealing pieces of my wooden playground from the old property (really??? get a life!!!), 2 boys not listening, one being rude & mean (yet cries the victim), all w/a fussy 20# baby. WOW amazing I made it thru. I still get all tense when I think about it all. I am relieved for one family! a family w/a mom in the wrong job situation hating life in general about it found something different! yes it means less money for me but HELLO?! who deserves to be THAT unhappy??

so then today ... the other shoe dropped... the family of 3 that I have struggled w/for over a year for various things gave me notice. Next Thursday will be their last day & I have friday off. totally shocked me as I expected them to hang out till June 1 when the closing time officially changed as that is the reason she's giving. I think yesterday has something to do w/it. oh well. what's done is done & what's meant to be will be. on to bigger & better things (budgeting a bit tighter until I decide what to do.)

OPTIONS: do I pick up another preschooler? or maybe a toddler? I have a family expecting in August so I know I don't want another infant!! or do I ride the summer out & wait for fall when I have 3 going to Kindergarten? I have a list of possibilities... hmmmm number crunching to happen tonight. not today. I will try to focus on the work @ hand not the worries of tomorrow. unless that tomorrow thought means the repair guy bringing my new handle for my cc d/w then I will think about tomorrow!! :D I will definately just let this brew & make notes to talk to Tim about tonight NOT making any phone calls today. something's telling me to wait. does that happen to you? you think you should jump & act but something tells you to chill on it a bit .. then everything works out peacefully :) I love it when that happens!! I will fill my time w/kids yoga, list making & dishwashing by hand today LOL.. all very theraputic!!

back to the regularly scheduled program:

APPRECIATE: I appreciate TIM! he came home after a C.R.A.P.P.Y. day @ work, set his mother's toilet, tore into my cc d/w, found problem, tore into upstairs d/w & FIXED problem, got baby cereal while @ walmart looking for new d/w hose they didnt' carry, still ate what I fixed for supper & walked on the treadmill!!!!!!! I appreciate the sudden burst of guilt that drove me to shred while he was gone to walmart. I appreciate that the cc d/w is the $40 option instead of the $250! I appreciate the consideration of most of my cc families. :)

ACCOUNTABILITY: Monday's r rough but yday was good healthy-wise :) 96oz, 5f/v, & shred day 4 of 5. I would have done fit yoga after the shred, but I couldn't get the wii to communicate w/the tv so I took it as a sign to relax on the couch :)

eye, yey, yey! hitting it full speed ahead today!
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