Tuesday, April 7, 2009

what a busy morning!

I am just now sitting down to get this typed up! its almost 9:30 already. I usually try to get it posted b4 or right after breakfast which is @7. this morning was not crazy or hectic at all I just stayed moving & didnt' fire up the ccomputer until after breakfast & then I have a routine to work thru b4 I post.. along w/keeping up w/diapers, bottles, kids, & parents. so its definately been done in spurts today!!

ACCOUNTABILITY: I got 64 oz of water, 3 servings of fr/veg, & 32 oz of hot tea in yday!! I had to put my belt on today :) I haven't needed it in WEEKS! yay!!!!! I picked up some 3lb weights last night to go w/my Shred DVD when it arrives this week. (sick of hearing about it yet?) I settled on & made a deal on a treadmill :) so excited!! we will get it Saturday & I will post pics of it as soon as its in!! I almsot think I'll show another loss @ tomorrow's WI! I have already had 2 servings of Fruit today. Last night was the 2nd night in a row to remember my vites! I used to be REALLY good about them but got off track for no good reason. I can feel the difference! I only take a multi, b6 & calcium but they definately make me feel better, less tired, & more ambitious. (less like I wanna curl up into a ball & sleep for days even tho I am pretty sure I could ;))

APPRECIATE: I appreciate that Tim is not trying to sabatoge this WL attempt. I hope he'll join me in the shred. I appreciate that I had so many people helping me find a treadmill that fit my criteria. I appreciate that I have a full house of kids playing nicely together :) I appreciate that the sun is shining today!! nice & bright & warm-even if the air temp isn't yet. sunshine is so good for my soul!!

tonight I am hoping to work in the 'weight room' to get it ready to move the ablounge out-its going to Mom's & the treadmill in. :D SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! tim is going to work on the car he'll have to start taking to work as their work truck fell apart again yday then he's going to work on the upstairs shower some. UGH that's such a bummer!! the shower is dripping into the basement. jsut the shower. running the tub is fine. so we will be putting atleast one hole in teh sheet rock & patching then putting a new CHEAP surround up to get us by for 6-12 months when we can remodel the whole bathroom. tub, tile, sink, fixtures, faucets, cabinet, mirror, door handles, you get the idea.

wow got it all typed in one sitting!! :) I am offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
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