Monday, April 6, 2009

I think Spring is taking a nap...

it came out long enough to get some bulbs sprouting but now its napping & letting us have some more SNOW! wow! the craziness of it all!! *I* am ready for some nice warm weather!! anyone else? anyone? bueller? bueller?

the weekend was so good. nice & quiet :) even w/the running yesterday & a trip to DM on Saturday... still classifies in the quiet catagory for me YAY! I managed to eat sensibly all weekend. altho I admittedly over at mexican last night but hello? duh! I always do. & that was only 1/2 the chimi, no rice or beans & all the 'salad' & pica de gallo yummmmm I really wanted a margarita but remembered the cake/ice cream @ the birthday party just hours b4, and the manicotti the day b4.. so I resisted. I did manage 4 or 5 servings of fr/veg every day :) yay me!! I was down a lb on Saturday mornign (I think I already posted that) but I am still excited about it :) I am also quite proud that of the munchies @ the birthday party I chose mostly veggies over the carbs :) I am making visible headway I think. I can't wait to go swim suit shopping next month after shredding for 30 days! (never thought I'd say that EVER)

appreciate: I appreciated the quiet weekend w/Tim. I appreciated the pound I lost heehee. I appreciate that Tim's a plumber so the new drip from the upstairs shower isn't life altering.

today's to do list includes laundry & mopping the wood floor in & around circle time :)
I am down 3 today so here we GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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