Saturday, April 4, 2009

yet another giveaway!

WOW this site is just plain amazing & then you throw in their sponsors & give aways!! WAHOOOOO!

check out the latest!! how fun are those slogans??? I think I will donate a gc to this store. altho, I keep finding great places & ideas & have to narrow it down to donate SOON!!

I AM ECSTATIC TO ANNOUNCE THAT I AM DOWN ANOTHER POUND THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!! OMG I thought I felt lighter -constantly tugging the jeans up this week YEHAW!!! I'll take a one pound loss this week. 2 last week. ROCK ON!!! MAKES ME WANNA stay eating light & healthy!! I had a cup of grapes, waffle + pb for breakfast w/my 1/2 bottle of frap (caffeine+sweet tread for the weekend) & am working on my water :)

we are surfing craigs list for a used treadmill w/the impact reduction cushions & incline option to spend part of out tax return on this weekend! YAY! I am so excited to get one I am ALMOST ready to settle for the best one @ walmart... resisting the mart. I am scared it will kill my ankles & that is enuff to keep me looking for a NICE one w/in our budget. being able to walk some more of this muffin top off while I watch my shows makes me happy!!

we've also discussed moving the Wii into the weight room when we get the treadmill so that I can do my fit minutes w/o interrupting his tv time in the living room. I think it will help.. for a while anyway it will guilt me into using it better :D

OH OH OH b4 I forget-I got my shipping notice for my 30 day shred DVD!!!!!! yessssssssss I will be shredding next week fo sho!
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