Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A LIST of a lot

FRUSTRATED: Ok.. so I was doing so good on shrinking UNTIL Today! I was down 2 the satruday b4 last, one last & UP 3 TODAY!! WTH??? I am determined to not let it get me down! I even weighed myself 2x to make sure LOL but I will just push the water to 96/day & keep on the fv! reinforcing a good breakfast (or breakfast @ all would be good)

ACCOUNTABILITY: yesterday I did GREAT! 64 oz water, 32oz tea, 5 fv, only 1 peep ;) & 2 bites of cookie instead of the whole thing. I was pretty darn proud & then... ok already covered that! no moving tho I am sure that's most of my issue.

BATHROOM UPDATE: another source of frustration.. so Tim is in destructo mode.. discovered they used GOOD GLUE when attaching the shower surround to the ceramic tiles & it did NOT want to come off nicely... so pulling/popping surround & tiles took a while, the holes put in sheet rock @ shower head & faucet site NOT SO MUCH lol. issue found :) solder broken where the shower pipe connects to faucet but unfortunately it was the 2nd place to check-oh well it all needed redone anyway. parts will be gotten this weekend on the treadmill roadtrip :)

APPRECIATE: I appreciate that Tim is a plumber & can do this work. I appreciate that he is unhappy w/a job left undone. I appreciate that I have a 2nd shower -that he tried to talk me out of in the beginning- that I can use right now!

CHANGING THINGS UP: w/Spring coming soon (I HOPE) & spring break tomorrow thru Tuesday, I have started changing things up. I no longer log on b4 breakfast. I come down, tend to laundry, breakfast, any clean up I left undone the night b4, paperwork, etc. which means that the blog posting will be done inspurts & be posted later in the morning/afternoon. IF I get up earlier & start working out maybe I can post b4 the kids come but just trying to be realistic. :))

YOGA TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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