Thursday, April 9, 2009

finally 2 free hands! :)

WOWZERS! the infants are reacting interestingly to the added child activity around them today. I ended yday thinking I wasn't having any school kids then checked the calendar this morning to realize I had overlooked on returning from a parent being off work & 2 (one schoolager & one preschooler) dropping in today & tomorrow. OOPS.. oh well.. they've been GREAT!!!!!!! love having the help :)

SHRED: day 1-DONE: so this morning we managed to get clear thru it! in a word? OUCH!!!!!!!!!! how come going up the stairs is just tough but going down I feel like I am walking like I have braces on my legs? eek. my thighs are just plain pissed off @ me! not looking fwd to crawling out of bed tomorrow if its going to be worse :S oh well.. MUFFIN TOP & cottage cheese thighs BE GONE! but amazingly I had 2 kids do the WHOLE THING w/me.. the rest did most & sat & watched the rest :)) & no one noticed the 'naughty word' but I am sure it will be 'brought to my attention' tomorrow.

APPRECIATE: I appreciate yoga class on Wednesday nights!!! I appreciate the group of kids I have that I could trust them to play outside unsupervised while I cooked lunch. I appreciate the parents of said kids!

ACCOUNTABILITY: yesterday-6!!! fv servings GO ME!!! shred for 5 minutes hehe not much but it hurt after. yoga for an hour & worked up a sweat! 96oz of water!!!!!! hoooooooooraaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! crashed in bed asleep by b4 10-unusual for me!

ok .. wishing I could stretch out but there isn't room on the floor down here LOL have a great afternoon!!!
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