Friday, April 10, 2009


I am so excited for today!! last night the phone was ringing off the hook w/texts & calls of kids not coming today. I am now down to just 9 kids ages 23months-8yrs, so we are dying eggs today!!!!! so excited! we haven't done this in child care for atleast 3 yrs. WHOHOOOOO

as for last night it was a wash as I was lucky to get supper fixed b4 crashing! my thighs WERE SO SORE from Shred day 1! I did rediscover my love for my muscle soak lotion after my shower!! then reapplied it as I was getting into bed & again this morning under my jeans. much looser this morning! planning to involve the kids in Shred day 2! :)

ACCOUNTABILITY: 96oz yesterday, only 2 f/v BAAAAAAAAAD KIM, but I did the 22 minute SHRED DAY1 :D whohoooooo

APPRECIATE: I appreciate the pks arriving daily from amazon :) I am loving the anamalz. I think I'll keep them in hiding until Monday (still on spring break then). only still waiting on teh kids' yoga disc.

weekend plans: get the 'weight room' cleaned out (its our catch all room right now) & ready tonight, road tripping after treadmill & meeting Aunt & cousin for lunch & home to set it all up! YAY! Sunday dinner is mom's @1--lots of extended family=lots of photos!! YAY!!! not to mention working the shred days3 & 4 in there too!! Iam determined not to fall off the routine. :)
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