Thursday, April 2, 2009

posting before I forget.

I managed in 11 fit minutes today @ nap time:) as soon as the itty bitties drifted off & the mediums were settled into a movie & drifting off I ran upstairs & threw that baby in! I unlocked the super hula for the hula challenge & OMG I suck @ hula!!! so I also did a step session & a balance game. FUN time. still sore from last night's yoga session but I'll live w/it :)

After that I got word that the 30 day shred dvd was dirt cheap on amazon. so off I typed :) while there why not get the kids their yoga dvd?? obvious! & OH so excited to get them both!! & decided to check & see if they carried by some strange chance of luck, anamalz. YEA THEY DO!!! SO I ordered 4 of these zoo guys!!! I think its going to be like Christmas around here for me for the next couple of weeks as this fun stuff arrives. :D

I am on my 3rd 32oz bottle of water today!!

I am watching the final ER. I was a HUGE fan back a few years ago. for a LONG time. I don't handle show change well so when they started losing the main characters I was losing interest just as fast. I do love a good reunion show :D

ok.. enough for tonight :)
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