Friday, April 3, 2009

its FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!


I have a ton of stuff I would like to get done today but will be focusing on what I need to get done! then tonight we will be tag teaming this house! I have my signature party tomorrow & that is a great excuse for me to get it cleaned up!!! hoping for an energy burst when I get off work.

ACCOUNTABILITY: I got 4 servings in + 70 oz yesterday :) 11 fit minutes is better than none!

APPRECIATE: I appreciate people that are NOT lazy-McDonalds is getting a phone call today. I appreciate that its FRIDAY. I appreciate the spring time temps that are inching their way to us.

this weekend will be pretty relaxed! cleaning-grocery shopping-signature party-hanging out-birthday party for 5y/o-more hanging out! whohoooooooooo

lets kick it!
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