Thursday, March 19, 2009


Thursday... drug myself out a bed.. TIRED.. but fully caffinated now & ready to hit it!! :D

My to-do list got a kick yday YAY & today's is looking healthy too :)

SPRING FLING: got another paid registration in last night-Thanks Denise! & a reservation for each day in Email this morning YAY!! have to remember to call Gma today & see what day(s) she wants as I only have 1 table left for Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! so exciting!!! & 4 left for Saturday :)

ACCOUNTABILITY: 60 oz water +16hot tea +5 servings (2 strawberries/banana, 2 oj w/mango, 1 v8) +1 hr yoga class YAY!!!! great day!

APPRECIATE: I appreciate my yoga instructor-she's amazing w/super future plans!! I appreciate the paid registrations I have in my hand for the crop next weeekend. I appreciate the offers for help for said crop! will be taking them up on them!!

ok 24 hrs is 24 hrs. NOT 12!!!!! omg some people! just don't freaking get it! ugh!! last warning coming out in print soon. pukin's pukin! oye.

ok.. bouncing in my seat... maybe a bit too much caffeine! off to make breakfast & kick this to do list out the window!!! :) have a great day!
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