Friday, March 20, 2009


I am fighting a bit of a headache today UGH- took some ibu + drinking detox tea so hopefully something will kick it!! :)

I AM SO PUMPED for this crop!!! we decided last night to use some of mom's luau decorations :) so I am now looking for inexpensive goodies luau themed too LOL Sunday is FULL & ONLY 4 spots left for Saturday!! I am going to start shopping this weekend!! WHOHOOOOOOOOO the menu is basic & decided, the goodies are yet to be decided, but the rules are out there & the money is coming in YAY!

this weekend I am hoping for more down time than is planned! we have to grocery shop & I have a training while he has a side job to start tomorrow. then we are hoping to go to the flower/plant show in DM on Sunday. looks like a good weekend to be inside w/all the rain we are expecting YUCK! I am so ready to get in the garden & get these flower beds from my head to my yard!!

APPRECIATE: I appreciate my job for many reasons-not having to go out in icky weather, getting computer time thru out the day, getting to set my own rules & hours(even tho I threw them into a tailspin today w/a newsletter announcing a shorter closing time but that's my right), 'able to work' can be lower than a coorporate job level, can eat (not always a benefit) when I am hungry, get to go outside during the day (weather permitting). I appreciate people who read the whole newsletter b4 bringing me questions. I appreciate scrapbookers.

ACCOUNTABILITY: I did 30 fit minutes last night! I scored in the top 10 on ALL BUT ONE! pretty good for only being on 2x in the last 35 days LOL I got 3 servings of f/v & 80oz in!!!!! great day! :)

It has taken me 3 sitting 'sessions' to get this sucka typed up LOL so I am going to give up & go be more attentive :) maybe they'll let me color w/them.. if not then I'll try the ones playing w/the cars ... have a great weekend!!
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