Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

OH my. I feel much better today YAY! I have a whole family out sick! and another family dropping in LOL so it will be a switcher-o kind of day :) we love those. My to-do list is mostly catching up from yesterday! I did no dishes @ work yesterday--ewwww. my tummy just couldn't take it! HOpefully we'll get outside this morning b4 the rain sets in. wish us luck!

being out in the yard yesterday was GREAT!! having grilled steaks 2 nights in a row was AWESOME! I am so ready for spring!! knowing I have yoga tonight is FANTASTIC!

Accountability: 40 oz water+16oz hot tea, 2 corn servings

Appreciate: I appreciate that Tim has friends that invite him out last minute & that he doesn't insist I accompany him! (quiet time for Kim) I appreciate the nice spring peek we've had this week. I appreciate the sump pump we have in the basement-I had wet-basement nightmares last night.

paperwork, dishes, floors, BE GONE! ;)
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