Tuesday, March 17, 2009

not so hot

ugh-I am not feeling so great all of a sudden! :( I cannot be getting sick! I won't let it! I am on antibiotics-they are a cure all-RIGHT??? I'm just going to blame it on the ribs being out. :) yea yea that's it. on to a random list:

  • I have 4 spots taken for Saturday's crop
  • I have 7! spots taken for Sunday's crop
  • I hope to get 10 for each day so we can afford goodie bags & meals
  • I am shortening my work days by 30 minutes as of June1! so excited
  • I am hoping the wind yday dried out the back yard b/c we will be out there today
  • I need to get breakfast going
  • I need to lay down for a bit but breakfast will come first-Promise!
  • I need to make Tim a chiro appt (I already have one for next Wed)
  • I got my 5 servings in yesterday :) 2 strawberries, 2 bananas, 1 corn
  • I barely got 40oz of water down but did get 16oz of detox tea
  • I didn't get on the wii -again I think I'll only report it if I do it :)

ok enough about me-get on w/the day ;)

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