Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Night Confessions

again w/the randomness :)

  1. I have eaten the heck outa strawberries the past week-usually 3 servings/day
  2. I have eaten cookies & cream cake almost every day-a teeny tiny piece of about 5 bites
  3. peanut M&Ms r addicting
  4. string cheese is my favorite snack
  5. I have really slacked on my water intake this month
  6. I love Monday Confessions!!
  7. I am drinking detox tea for my health
  8. I made 2 scrapbooking impulse purchases this past weekend
  9. I can message people on facebook I struggle to have a face to face conversation w/.
  10. I have been using Facebook to invite people to my crop next weekend (Scrapbooking)
  11. I held steady on WI on Saturday! even w/it being PMS week.
  12. I have supper dishes soaking in the sink.
  13. I love the sisterhood!!!
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