Monday, March 16, 2009

and this is my reasoning for...

the 24 hour rule!! I have a total of 4 missing today due to others bringing their children b4 the 24 hr rule was over! I am so glad I got the cc aired out yesterday -going to bleach everything plastic & wash everything cloth today OYE! this is rediculous!

the weekend was productive!! amoxil from the dr since I have been fighting this for 2 weeks, dishwasher for upstairs ordered, fence added to, safety precaution on deck stairs started, gate fixed, a couple of scrap items bought, cc books bought for curriculum, fun time w/friends, quality time w/Tim & naps taken :)

SPRING FLING-the first paid registration is IN!!! only 4 more days to get the rest in! then I will be able to decide what I can afford to for food & goodie bags. :)

APPRECIATE- those that DON'T wait until the due date for things-makes me nervousLOL, amoxil & the dr that listened, the comfy couch I was stuck on Saturday evening &yesterday afternoon :)

ACCOUNTABILITY-(Friday)over 5 servings, 40oz water, 16oz detox tea, no fit time. (Saturday) 3 servings, 40oz water, no fit time. (Sunday)3 servings, 40oz water, 10oz detox tea, no fit time.

OK... so I am off to sanitize, sort & fling today! my productivity level should soar w/only 2 so far & only 2 more expected! YIKES!! look OOOOOOOOOOOOOOUT!!!!
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