Friday, March 13, 2009



*I had one come back today thought they were better but w/in 30 had thrown up on my floor :(
*I have 2 gone w/the horrible cough/fever again today
*2 others are finally coming back today from being gone practically all week
*I am stuffed up tight again

ready to sterilize the child care & walk away for a while. if the weather permits I am opening windows down here this weekend & letting it air out! think I'll run a load of plastic toys thru the washer w/bleach in the water today.

ACCOUNTABILITY: 40oz water, 32oz of hot tea, 22 fit minutes (& I can feel most of them today LOL) 6 fr/veg servings yesterday!!!!WHOHOOOOOOOO (thanks to jo!!)

this weekend we think we are going to get a dishwasher for upstairs since Nick showed Tim where to disconnect that cupboard w/o disrupting the counter top & while in DM I'd like to go to a craft store for some st. pat's decorations & summer decorations!! (both of which are on sale right now)

today is looking to be another drag. ugh. off to start my detox tea I got from the chiro yesterday.
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