Thursday, March 12, 2009


pleaseeeeeeeee let it be Friday!!! no? rats! I had to try!!

the facts:

  • one out w/family
  • one out throwing up
  • 2 out coughing so bad they are trying to throw up
  • 2 I haven't hear from today
  • one still out recouping from surgery last week
  • I feel like crap
  • full moon was last night
  • no weekend plans
  • my mom is coming to watch the boys while I got to the chiro
  • that's all it will be this morning after Mad goes to ps
  • hoping that will whip this snot
  • getting some detox tea from chiro
  • Jaeger shot didn't
  • but maybe I let it go too long first
  • thinking I'll sleep on the couch tonight -upright
  • Yoga last night was great
  • it certainly loosened up my sinuses

ETA: Accountability-4 fr/veg, 40 oz water, 1 hr. yoga class

APPRECIATE:I appreciate the families that keep their sick kids home. I appreciate all of the suggestions to cure my cold. I appreciate that my mom is coming to watch child care while I got to the chiro-hoping that fixes it too.

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