Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring? & other random ramblings

I thought that 'springing ahead' meant that spring was on its way.. I have green poking up thru the lava rock in the front flower bed.. it was even 70 for a couple of days.. TODAY WE WAKE TO SINGLE DIGITS!!!!!!! its just so WRONG!!!!! :((

on the sinus front-I took 2 tylenol severe cold b4 bed last night & it broke it all loose! the 2 times I had to take Gus out (12:30 & 2) I sneezed a bunch. that's good news.. still sneezing & I can hear today! I did manage to sleep between trips tho YAY! Yoga will help me sleep tonight & tomorrow getting my atlas back in should boost the recovery more. (totally forgot to pick up the jaeger last night Shanen-tim thinks its funny I want to try it)

another funky week work-wise. someone missing each day. keeps things interesting I suppose :) Getting off @ 4:30 the past week & half has spoiled me!! After having dinner cooked, served, & cleaned up last night, ALL B4 the time I'm usually OFF WORK made me decide that my goal w/in 2 yrs is to shorten my work day by an hour! I am giving myself 2 yrs so as not to shock anyone but if the opportunity arrises sooner, I'll jump on it! :D wouldn't anyone? besides-11hr work days are long enough 12 is crazy!!

I finished a scrap page last night! I might even hit the goal of having all the ice storm pages done b4 the SPRING FLING! :D I am ready to scrap something warm!!

ACCOUNTABILITY: I am counting all the hot tea I had yesterday in my water count: 16oz x3 of hot tea + 40 oz of water! flushing the system LOL no fit time & only 2 fr/veg.

OK fully caffinated so I'm going to make hot cocoa to send the kids out in the frigidness toasty on the inside. :)
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