Tuesday, March 10, 2009


not feeling so hot today... verystuffy & headachy but toughing it out so I have no one to whine to LOL.. planning to visit the walk in clinic on Saturday if it stays as by then it will surely be considered an infection. hot tea (16oz)#2 going down now.

Monday's Accountability!! I HAVE SOMETHING TO REPORT!! I did 10 fit minutes (which is like 20 in real time :) its a tiny bit but its SOMETHING which is better than the past 29 days LOL I also got 60 oz down & 5 fr/v servings!!! sooooo happy :)

Appreciate: the families that keep their sickies home, the parents that ask how I am feeling, that we did an easy breakfast (pb toast, oatmeal & apple wedges) & the kids liked it :)

wanting to nap but resisting for the kids' sakes LOL maybe I'll put a roast in... oh that sounds like quite a plan! :)
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