Monday, March 2, 2009

weekend progress :) & Monday confessions

we finally got working on the frame wall that I have been planning since we moved in. these frames are officially 'wall wizards' from Signature Homestyles that I have been collecting since day 1 too. I am hoping to fill the wall w/them. Now I just need to get to printing photos to fill them. :) I got the idea from several sites but they are so old I know I can't find them now.

now confession time:
  • we skipped both birthday parties this weekend-not b/c we felt obligated to do both but b/c we had a 'money discussion' in the morning & that was the only way to finish it
  • I was frustrated & felt totally useless when Tim took over the frame wall
  • but I probably would have been mad had he just sat in his chair & watched tv
  • I didn't get the fit out again this weekend :( boating season is creeping up on me
  • as busy as I was on Friday-I drank only iced tea-no water
  • I am ok w/Tim taking a vaca day today-I thought I'd be mad :)
  • I screamed way too loud @ the wrestling meet yday & still cringe when I play it back in my head
  • I had pizza for breakfast @5:30
  • I get frustrated when cc parents don't let me know when they change plans & wait till they are or should be walking in the door-maybe I could have changed mine too
  • our taxes are done but not mailed

ok.. I think thats enuff soul bearing for today ;)

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