Tuesday, March 3, 2009


  • only Tuesday? feels like atleast Thursday
  • still winter temps?? come on spring
  • I got nothing but laundry + lunch accomplished yesterday eeeeek
  • that QRS paperwork won't complete itself :(
  • another sick baby! or the same baby sick again :(
  • printing registrations for SPRING FLING CROP to deliver tomorrow night :)
  • March is major training month for child care providers in our area
  • March is just plain busy for us this year-birthdays, trainings, crop, yoga, deer classic yikes!
  • drinking more water today!! already downed 32 in hot tea :)
  • only drank 50 oz of water yesterday
  • didn't clean the kitchen after dinner last night-napped instead
  • feeling really lazy for the lack of Wii Fit time! ugh

wow.. quite the pessimist today-sorry but maybe I will feel better getting it all 'out there' :)

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