Saturday, February 28, 2009

give away alert!!

run don't walk over to the Sisterhood site & CHECK out these awesome exercise clothes!! WOW what a giveaway!

Are you like me & love looking @ exercise clothes! I am just not so good @ buying them, infact not so good @ buying clothes for myself at all :( I would so love a couple of pairs of these capri pants they'd be great for my work day as well as working out! I applied to join their facebook group also.

I think I might put this caffinated mind to use today & start my frame wall I've been dreaming of since we moved it.. Look out Tim ;) I just flat out need to get moving this body around!

there maybe be an inch of snow on the ground but the sun is shining bright & warm & that is so good for the soul! off I go :) have a great weekend!
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