Friday, February 27, 2009

time to get serious

about this ACCOUNTABILITY thing!! I did aweful today on water.. no straight water at all. just 32 oz hot tea & 16 oz of iced tea then @ supper I had 30oz of more iced tea! TOMORROW is a new day! I haven't touched the Wii Fit in so long I can't tell you when I was on it last. ugh. TOMORROW! I PROMISE to make time between the book fair & going to Des Moines! I have to.. everything I had lost is back .. last Saturday I was back to the top of my yo-yo :( very discouraging but I have no one to blame but myself. I gotta do SOMETHING to get this body swim suit ready! eek. I caught myself trying to punish myself for gaining it back & quickly stopped w/a deep breath & reminding that there was no punishment allowed. only starting over in a healthy way.

so anyway.. since I am now listed on the blog roll on the sisterhood site I must must must get serious! eeeeek more people can check on me!
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