Friday, February 27, 2009


to a busy weekend...or a string of busy weekends rather....

TODAY: I have to buzz around & fine tune the cc for a nurse visit (breaking a new one in as they decided that ours won't be returning to her job when she returns from her year in Germany w/the Navy *sigh* I had just gotten her broken in RIGHT)

TONIGHT: hopefully nothing but TV
TOMORROW: book sale @ the hs, DM to get the house burn dvds, groceries, bday party
SUNDAY: sleeping in :)- Kyler's wrestling meet @12.

I am officially in full swing-crop-planning mode!! yesterday I settled on a date & reserved the room!! MARCH 28 & 9TH! I am so far calling it a spring fling as I am uncreative as ya get & can't come up w/anything else LOL I am trying to come up w/a creative 'bar' for lunch (sub, pasta, potato, etc) IF I have enough spots filled I will take part of the money & buy donuts one day for breakfast :D but I am NOT going around looking (begging) for donations this time. I'll save that effort for the SCRAP PINK in the fall!

off to make biscuits & gravy for breakfast! then going to get moving!!
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