Wednesday, February 25, 2009

consistantly inconsistant!

I am nothing if not inconsistant w/myself & my standards for myself. I preach consistancy for the children in my care, I do everything possible to keep myself & their surroundings consistant day to day-makes everything so much smoother when we all know what to expect & when it should happen! however.. my consistancy to myself leaves much to be desired!! I want to drop 20# & be comfortable in my jeans-not to mention skin- again & I went gung-ho in January after that goal w/upping my water intake & Wii Fit time, monitoring every morsel that crossed my lips, & being all around ACCOUNTABLE... however.... february has been month for a different story. I cannot tell you when I was last on the Fit -it will I am sure exclaim its shock & dismay when I do finally get back to it-& my water intake has dropped from 80-100 oz/day to 40-60oz. I am back to relying on caffeine as an added boost almost daily, I haven't been baking daily or even weekly, OMG! I SUCK this month!! I have no good excuses either .. just that I've been lazy about it. extremely lazy. my bad! SO w/a new month entering the picture SOON, I have officially registered on the Sisterhood site & am sticking this cutey pie blinkie sticker thingy up here to announce to all that I am really & truely going to work harder in March than February :)

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeansisn't she cute? I would love to be able to do that pose!

On that note I am going to acknowledge here & now that March is going to be a busy month! It will be full of birthdays, training days, paperwork, worktime visitors, a wrestling meet, finishing up yoga class second session *sniffle*, a flower & plant show/sale, sorting thru outside toys & deciding what will be replaced & what just won't, planning flower & veggie gardens, getting the boat out of storage & other of the like-those are just off the top of my head.

I did get out & walked last night-seriously amazed @ how much damage a month 'off' does! I went 2 blocks that's it! @ a decent clip & was surprised to 'hear from my muscles' in my legs! the walk back was awesome.. after dark couldn't see my breath AHHHHH SPRING!!! I slept the best in ages (on a non-yoga night)!

a completely different topic: GUS. our 14 y/o boston. all of my years of bragging about 'playing w/the kids & their toys but getting to sleep all night' (the way I have jusified doing child care in our home w/o having our own children for 13 yrs) has come back to bite me (ha funny). Gus has developed a habit of needing to potty in the middle of the NIGHT! HELLO?? what the heck? & Tim is not friendly upon waking soooooo I get up & take him out -looking thru slits the whole time to make going back to sleep easier. I am finding myself mentally running thru the next day sometimes while waiting for him LOL other times I realize I have dozed off & he's barking to be let in :) thankfully everyone else in the neighborhod is still sleeping w/their windows shut so they don't get bothered by him. :)) he got an official clean bill of health from Dr. Judy yesterday so we are just dealing w/it.

so anyway... its taken 3 sittings to get this typed so I will quit rambling :) have a great sunshiny day :)

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