Tuesday, February 24, 2009

good for the soul/APPRECIATE

  • peanut m&m's mixed in a bowl w/reece's pieces of the same color scheme -peanutty goodness no matter what you get
  • sunshine -no matter the temp outside
  • completed paperwork! *sigh* (now on to the next packet)
  • vet clinic pick up :) Gus went in for ultrasounding today on his abdomen & the office manager stopped to pick him up. how sweet!
  • sitting back & watching the kids hit milestones-playing cooperatively, washing instead of rinsing their hands, putting their dishes in the d/w in a position to get clean, curling up under a blanket when they want to instead of fussing it out
  • a clean house-even if it was a crisis clean b/c I forgot we had a visitor coming last night & had to sweep thru in an hour doing extra jobs-cleaning the litter box as the attic access is over it, vaccuming around the litter box, making the bed, putting clean laundry away, you know, the stuff that usually isn't done regularly LOL
  • knowing that spring is only a month away!!!!
  • Good Friends
  • C.O.L.D. water to drink
  • taxes filed (last mention lol)
  • oatmeal for breakfast
  • online friends!

ok.. so I didn't think I had anything to say today.. silly me. should have known better.

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