Monday, March 9, 2009

sooooo how do you...

How do you expect to end a crazy busy week?? how about an equally crazy busy weekEND? that's exactly what we did!

first the highlights of the week that I didn't get posted. I seem to be on a winning streak as of late. odd for me. I won a totally awesome book I am really looking fwd to getting ITM from here & then yesterday logged on to find that I had won a shirt from here thru here :) pretty darn exciting for me!!!

the weekend......... lots of running from here & there & little overnight sleeping as a short version.
long version:
Friday night:out to grocery shop, home to clean & make snacks, shower & guests start arriving @8:30-played Wii, we all got our Wii ages LOL, had cocktails & snacked FUN!!!!! way fun :) last left @3. (Jeff had the youngest Wii age! the lil puke)(yummy deserts!!!)
Saturday: up w/ the alarm @6:30-on the road after getting gas & donut to soak up the dab of champagne that I felt lingering :) & on the road by 7. Stopped@ my brother, Philip's for farm fresh eggs then on to conference 8-4:30 AWESOME!!!! all out doorsy stuff... incoorporating Iowa's nature in our daily curriculum, going green & easy peasy field trips! back on the road home, stopped @ the store for 2 things for dip to take. Home to make dip, shower & change then back on the road to DM this time by 5:30. Returned ceiling fan Tim had pickedup on Friday. Then to Sarah's surprise party til 3AM. Sober me drove home in the pouring rain. home after 4 b/c of the rain UGH. (sherry, Sarah, tim)
But slept till 3PM Sunday when Tim got back w/McD's for lunch. Went to Mom's old house & got an old wooden cabinet for the basement. home to chill. made pork roast for supper. watched shows & went to bed right after.

today I am fully caffinated & have a small group so far :) I even have the laundry started!

on the QRS front I just need to type up & print my last item! WHOHOOOOOOO

Accountability: hoping to get the wii fit out tonight & get back on w/my 80oz of water daily!
5in5 --Friday: GOT EM ALL IN w/extra! yay!! Saturday-not so much, Sunday I got 3. back on track today! I did not make the overall goal as I have missed 3 days already. oh well it was interesting to learn & try & a good goal to keep up.

Appreciate: hmmm its been awhile!! I appreciate the time & effort the organizers go to when putting together AWESOME trainings like the one we had on Saturday.. looove it!! I appreciate our friends that come when invited or that RSVP that they can't. I appreciate that I could sleep till 3PM yesterday :)

ok.. I'd say that's enough rambling! off to face the day.. dreary as it is.
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