Friday, March 6, 2009


wowza.. I had no idea how tired I was until I went to read last night & was asleep by 9 LOL
we are looking for another great weather day today here so there will be another walk in store!!
then hopefully finishing my QRS paperwork! I got all the copies I needed from the nurse yesterday.

I got to email 2 & deliver 3 more registrations for SPRING FLING yesterday!! wow when they all come in we will be over ful!! good thing some are just reserving one day. :) I am really excited to fill the room soI can feel more confident about stepping up my plans for SCRAP PINK!

this weekend is jampacked. tonight hosting wii-fest, tomorrow all day training in creston (backyard adventures-fun!), then buzzing off for surprise party, then Sunday will be recooperating!! looking fwd to it all! :)

I got the disk & card back from the photo shop yesterday & there are 15 usable images on both but 192 images on my sd card... very frustrating to see them on the camera but not get them to transfer.. i was way better off thinking they were gone & lost forever LOL

yesterday was alot busier than I realized until now when I list it all LOL

5in5- I didn't do so good yesterday I only got 2.5 servings in -tator tots(.5 serving) for breakfast, corn +romaine (1.5 serving) for lunch, banana for snack (1). CORRECTED to count right: breakfast .5, lunch 2.5, snack 2=5!!! I did it!! (just didn't know how to count them LOL)
so I am starting strong today: 32 oz of apple cider (thinking its atleast 1 & maybe 2 servings there!)

Ok its toast & sausage gravy & fresh pears for breakfast today!! yummm I know what I'm having :)
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