Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Musings

from the weekend:
  • I scrapped 10 pages in the 20 hr crop weekend! whohoooooo
  • I was down 2# @ my Weigh in on Saturday AM :)
  • I splurged on myself & got my first ever pedi -Rosy MistleTosies- bought the bottle & had hopes of getting my fingers the same color but haven't yet.
  • I ate way too much yesterday.
  • I got all my scrap stuff unpacked & put away!
  • I unloaded the clean -new- dishwasher upstairs this morning while cooking Tim's lunch
  • I am happy to have the kids back
  • I have already started laundry
  • The downstairs dishwasher is running
  • I had some good quality time w/my mom & gma
  • I wished I'd have gotten more time w/Katie but we had fun from across the room LOL
  • I am glad the snow didn't kill my babies that were popping up
  • I am glad the snow is gone
  • I am ready to start organizing for Scrap Pink. I figured it up & SP is 6 months from this past weekend so I think I will keep these 2 weekends as my crops. every 6 months is a good span.
  • I am hosting a Signature party Saturday @10
  • We are having meatball subs for supper w/the leftover meatballs :)
  • I need to send out emails for the Signature party
  • I need to pick up, dust & Vac the upstairs for the party
  • I missed my online friends this weekend
  • I think I got all caught up on local gossip
  • I had alot of fun catching up w/old friends
  • I need to get back on the FIT since I am feeling better
  • I will never skip the flu shot again!
  • I will be gone 3 nights this week-classes Tues & Thurs & yoga on Wed. that leaves Monday & Friday nights for cleaning LOL
  • I joined the shrinking jeans summer challenge! I meant to last week but w/the flu & all.. it just didn't get done. I am excited to keep shrinking & maybe get back into last yr's summer clothes.
  • this week's mini challenge is the FIT hula-I can't do it but thinking I can TRY... for the challenge anyway!
  • I need to transfer the photos from the weekend
  • wow this list got alot longer than I ever imagined LOL
  • I need to get away & keep the laundry movin'!
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