Tuesday, March 31, 2009

gloomy tuesday

& that's what I am blaming my tiredness on! I have a hard time staying going when its so gloomy outside! ick. Plus I am still coughing abit in my sleep making sleep less productive, & the dog still gets up atleast 1x each night. last night I let him out @1something then sat on teh couch waiting for him to get a drink & woke up @3something to him jumping off the couch so evidentlyI had fallen asleep & he thought we would just sleep there LOL. so when he came back in from the 2nd trip out we went back to bed for 2 hrs. ugh.

tonight's class has been rearranged :) instead of 2hrs tonight & thursday its now 3 hrs tonight only YAY!!! THAT MAKES ME HAPPY!!!!!! an extra night home this week to get ready for the party on Saturday. our house kind of suffered while I was sick & planning the crop last week. it needs/deserves some TLC!

accountability: I did great on water this weekend! I now have a 16oz, a 32oz, & a 20 oz water bottle so I filled them all b4 leaving BOTH DAYS! came home w/them all empty BOTH DAYS! plus I drank atleast 16 oz of hot tea each day & maybe 32oz. FABULOUS!!!! exercise not so much LOL yesterday ugh I totally slipped on the water. but back @ it today! on my 2nd 32ozer.

appreciate: I appreciate all the scrappers that helped me pull off the crop this past weekend!! I appreciate my family for helping! I appreciate Tim for installing the new dishwasher along w/the side job he was working on!
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